Amala Dermatology

The origin of Amala dates way back to 1978, when it was exclusively a cancer hospital, catering to the needs of the terminally ill. It attained the status of a medical college in 2003.

Dermatology has always been an essential part of Amala. After being upgraded to a medical college, the department was revamped in June 2005. The dermatology department at Amala was established in June 20th 2005. Over the years, the growth of the department is worth a mention.

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News and Events

Conveying information succinctly is paramount to success in any field, and ours is no exception. Posters, presentations and lectures have done the job so far, yes, but leave a lot to be desired. To bridge that gap, Department of Dermatology, AmalaInstitute of Medical Sciences brings to you, ‘SKIN IN FRAMES’- Dermatology concepts and beyond, a national level video competition showcasing short, educational video clips based on topics in dermatology.

We invite all you talented postgraduates to participate in the same, enabling you to

Our mission is to provide outstanding patient care, train and mentor the next generation of dermatologist and conduct fruitful research on dermatological diseases their treatment.