Conveying information succinctly is paramount to success in any field, and ours is no exception. Posters, presentations and lectures have done the job so far, yes, but leave a lot to be desired. To bridge that gap, Department of Dermatology, AmalaInstitute of Medical Sciences brings to you, ‘SKIN IN FRAMES’- Dermatology concepts and beyond, a national level video competition showcasing short, educational video clips based on topics in dermatology. We invite all you talented postgraduates to participate in the same, enabling you to expand your knowledge base, communication skills, and above all, master the intricate art of putting it all together in an attractive package to medicos and laymen like. Progress is the name of the game, and let us not be left behind.

Rules and regulations

  • Entries are invited from jan 1st to April 15th.
  • It should be a 3minute educational video based on dermatology concepts; with or without animation.
  • Entries can be made by a single individual or group.
  • Any number of videos can be submitted by a single participant/group.
  • Evaluation will be based on content and aesthetics of the video.
  • Videos sent will subsequently be the property of the coordinators and may be used for educational purposes.
  • It will not be used for any commercial purposes
  • Video may be transferred to the following mail id – (preferably google drive ) or can be send to us in CD or pendrive (attach complete address and email id )
  • Once video is received an acknowledgement mail will be send to you.
  • Videos received after last date will not be accepted
  • For queries contact +917736272987 ,+919495267160
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Our mission is to provide outstanding patient care, train and mentor the next generation of dermatologist and conduct fruitful research on dermatological diseases their treatment.